Good Portsmouth businesses should add their detail

November 06th 2007
Any business within the Portsmouth PO postcode region believing their customers would recommend them should ensure that they are on The Disc Directory, the Portsmouth business directory . Itís where good, trusted businesses are highlighted through customer recommendations.

Check whether your business is on The Disc Directory, if not, make sure you add your details for free .

The Disc Directory has proven that the formula of recommendations works for businesses, as opposed to other local advertising such as the The News where all you get is a static advert which adds no value whatsoever when choosing a business.

There is nothing that makes a business stand out more than a recommendation and this is what is all about, helping people make an informed choice based on what customers have said rather than risking it through an advert in a directory or newspaper.

Donít forget, if youíre not in it you canít be recommended Ė add your details for free!